Formal letter

Dear Sir Bevis
                       My name is Samuel Jackon Jr. I´m 20 years old and i´m from London. I´m writing this letter  because i´ll like to apply for a job and i want to know if you can help me.
  I had worked for Sir Longbotton as his squire, i served him in many battles and justices, I´m strong, fast, and very efficient. I know very well the arts and duties of being a squire. I'm also very loyal and I can assure I will serve you very well.
 I really appreciate if you can consider my job request. In my family we are 6 and my mother is in bed because of an illness so i need the money to help my family.
                                                                                                                 Thank you very much
                                                                                                   your sincerely

     Samuel Jackson Jr                                   


  1. The letter is too short and you use informal expressions. Next time work with rubrics to improve before publishing

    1. The letter is short because i was absent when you give the homework, so i try to do it with what i saw from my classmates


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