Critical Thinking

Image result for thinking skillsIn the subject Thinking Skills we were studying Critical Thinking, which are set of reasons which are used to persuade someone and support a conclusion. For arguments to work, we need evidence to support our point of view. All the same, it is important that we always judge the credibility of the evidence.
We need the source form where we took the evidence and use credibility criteria. For example, “neutrality” consists of a source, also ”vested information” takes a particular side, the “bias” favours a particular side and ”expertise”  is evidence highly credible by someone's knoledge. “Reputation” refers to a person or an organization that has more credibility according to their reputation and status. ”eyewitness accounts”, which consists of someone observing an event, “Corroboration” consists of pieces of evidence that are connected, the “Selectivity” a particular side of the story is shown in the evidence selected and In conclusion, it is very important to always analyze the source of evidence, so as to identify factors which may have influenced the source.


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