Technology essay

Advantages and disadvantages of technology in the classroom use.

This essay will includ the topic of advantages and disadvantages of technology in the classroom, in this case technology is refering to digital devices as cellphones, computers, proyector, etc. some teachers desagree with the use of this type of technology because they think that they distract the student but some teachers like it a lot and they make student use it.
Some advantages in useing technology is the  use of translator, it is easyer and faster to know the meaning of the world that useing a dictionary furthermore you can find examples of world being used. another example is the use of programs/aplications  to make presentation, mindmaps, etc this is faster and easyer than makeing it with your hands, also it look better and you can add more things like videos, audios, photograph, etc.
The disadvantages deppend of the student, the teacher and the school. a disadvantage can be that somen studients can get distract or they can do another things instead of the class work as playing games or being in social media. another disadvantages is if teacher don't know how to use technology it would be usless to have technology in the classroom because the teacher will not use it and if a student use technology the teacher will not use use it and if a student use technollogy the teacher would not know how to use it.  and very important disadvantage is the economic, because some schools don't enough money to buy technology so they cant use it.
In conclusion useing technology in the classroo have a lot of advantages and disadvantages but the disadvantages are more depending with the school, students and teacher so the disadvantagecan be easily remove so in my opinion useing technology is a very good idea.


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