Write about 2 sides, allowing for the size of your hand writting, on one of thw following: Narrative - Althought they had been forbiden to go, there they were, on the other side of the steel fence, laughing hysterically.
  They had scaped, they scaped cruelty, opression and hard work. they were criminals, they were bad and they were bad and they didn't care they were free, they didn't have to work or follow orders and they will never go back again.
  They didn't know where to go but they didn't care, they were free they be wherever they wantto b, they were laughting behind the steel fence, they didn't believe they were free, it pass a lot of time since they were out. What they were feeling was something they didn't feel before, it was the feeling of happines, the feeling of acompishment, the feeling of freedom.
They start walking, it pass a lot of time, when they arrive to a market, they buy something to eat and drink, and continue walking to their house when they arrive they notice that they were waiting for them, so they go to the other house, they were scared, they didn't want to go back so they walk hiding and trying to not get noticed, when they were about to arribe someone recognise them and ask, "what are you doing here? you are not supposed to be here" so she grab her phone and start calling someone so they taker her phone and break it, she get so angry that she start shouitng and insulting them, all the peple taht where arround start looking at them, so they run away, they were scared, they think taht this was goning to be easy but it wasn't, they can't go to other house, theydidn't have enough money to do anything, but they were free, thats what they more care about. they went to a friend house, they trust him, they were friends since a few years,
They drink and eat something, and rest, that afternoon they were going back to their homes to see if there were someone, when they arrive they sw taht noenone was ther so they enter, they took everythng they need , when their about to go out some cars park in fornt and in the back of the house, and shourt "you are surranded! give up", they were scared and didn't know what to do, so they sourrended and give up, they went out of the house and enter to the cars so they can send back there to the horrible place that they have scaped and  where they will never scaped again.


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