A frightening experience

John woke up, he was feeling devastated, he could hardly move his legs, in addition he had a terrible headache. When he finally could stand up he opened his eyes better and he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He was in a somber forest. John was extremely terrified, he couldn’t even remember how he got there. Furthermore, he had some clothes that he had never worn before. He was looking elegant and magnificent in the suit he was wearing. The spooky forest had many gloomy trees with their branches hanging down as if people were hanged to death in each one of them. John didn’t know what to think, he was extremely overwhelmed even though he was a brave and careless person but in that moment he was only a slender and fearful person. For ten minutes he tried to remember how he got there but he couldn’t. Consequently he got frustrated and as a result he violently punched a tree. At first his hand was painfully hurt but after a while, he couldn’t move one of his legs so he was limping through the forest, he didn’t even noticed this because of how frustrated he was because he couldn’t remember how he got there so he started yelling “ Why does this happen to me?!?!” but then suspiciously he heard a whisper “ You are not gonna remember how you got here”
-” Who’s there?” he asked to himself, there was no answer except the flooding sound of leaves moving through the wind. But later he saw in the distance, between the creepy trees,a gorgeous woman. She had an unusual light around her that was bright like the sun in a clear sky. He was in shock. After standing there akwardly for ten minutes  and finally he tiptoed his way to the angelic woman. After he walked for what seemed as long as a marathon he was finally face to face with the woman.
-” Who are you?” he mumbled.
-” No one that you know” she frightfully said. John blinked but after he opened his eyes again she was not there. After a few moments, he finally got the idea that he had been dreaming this whole time so he closed his eyes and finally woke up. He was so exalted that he jumped of his bed and hit his face with the floor. He couldn’t believe how naive he was to actually believe that the dream was really happening, but it was the most terrifying dream he had ever had.


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