Look before you leap

In the language class we had to write a story with the title "Look before you leap" using 150 words. In the story we had to include connectors, methaphors, similes, examples of past perfect and direct speech.
  • Connectors 8
  • methaphors 1
  • similes 1
  • past perfect 3
  • direct speech 4
  • Past continuos 1

I was returning from the club, it was late and In addition I didn't have any money to take the bus, it was very dangerous place to walk  and I was tired as if i run a marathon because i had trained. As a result, I decided to take the shorter way to get home. Later, I was half way from home when I noticed some people were following me so quickly I decided, without looking, to cross the street when I was hit by a car.
I woke up in a hospital, the doctor told me what had happened and I had broken some bones, my family was waiting for me to wake up, my parents said told me " next time look before you leap". The doctor told me that in one year I would be cured., Meanwhile, I would have to rehabilitate but I can't do any sport or activity.
A year has almost passed, In conclusion, the rehabilitation at first was very boring as a book although then it was more interesting since I talk a lot with the doctor during the rehabilitation.
For example:
-:"Did you see the match?"
-:"Yes, it was good"
-:"The best part was the goal"
-:"Yes, it was the best goal I see"
Finally the rehabilitation was very good and i'm almost cured and In a few months I will run like thunder.


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